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A House MD Rating Community
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Houserates: A Rating Community


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Have you always wanted to know what House character you'd be most like? Do you wonder if your love of plays make you more like Wilson, or Cuddy? Or maybe it's your constant mooching that might make you a bit House-ish? Compasionate about the downtrodden? You might be a Cameron. Maybe you just don't agree with anyone, you Chase you. Or breaking into houses might be more your thing, like Foreman.

Welcome to houserates! If you want to be rated, read the rules and fill out an application. We're always looking for new members.

o1. You must be at least 13 years old. We don't want to break LJ TOS.
o2. You don't have to be stamped to vote, so what are you waiting for? Votes are what make the community go 'round. Later on there will be mandatory rating going on in order for your application to be rated.
o3. When you vote, please bold your votes and put your vote in the subject title.
o4. When you answer your application, please be as thorough as possible so we can get a better idea of what character you are.
05. Keep the drama out of this please. There's really no need for it. :|
o6. You may reapply for a new character after two weeks. You may only reapply twice. After that, you gotta live with it, sorry.
o7. Where it says 'well i think you're ugly' on the application, you must answer I'm too handsome to do paperwork in order to be voted. Failing to answer this right will result in you waiting a long-ass time to get rated, and we all don't want that, now do we?
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